Product Detail
Calming Complex

This intense moisturizer replenishes lipids in dehydrated skin by using the natural moisture-locking power of hyaluronic acid. Pure botanicals to help stimulate cellular regeneration.

Active Ingredients:


Romance Chamomile

An extract from herbal product serves great function in soothing skin and treating skin condition.



Pueraria Lobata Root Extract 

An extract from Pueraria Lobata Root which reduce skin inflammation, anti-redness and anti-dryness.


Multi Plant Extract

A proprietary ingredient consists of 7 types of plant extracts, help to relieve and calm skin irritation and itching caused by severe dryness.

Packaging: 10 x 5ml

Direction of use: Apply on cleansed face and massage gently. For better result, use along with facial beauty treatment machine to increase penetration of serum into skin.