Product Detail
Bio Placenta Complex

This complex contain plant based placenta, promote anti-aging effect to prevent and delay appearance of wrinkles. Developed to regenerate the skin and protect it against the major cause of premature aging. The lipid complex promotes the moisture balance and elasticity of skin. Tighten pores without dehydrating your skin.

Active Ingredients:


Plant Placenta

Placenta that provide sufficient energy to increase the proteinic synthesis of the collagen and elastin to prevent and delay the appearance of aging (anti-aging).



Mushroom Extract

An extract from mushroom that grows in eastern Europe. It has astringent, pore tightening and moisturizing effects on the skin.

Packaging: 10 x 5ml

Direction of use: Apply on cleansed face and massage gently. For better result, use along with facial beauty treatment machine to increase penetration of serum into skin.